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  • 60 cc Toomey Cannula Hub

    Toomey 60cc Liposuction Starter Kit


    Toomey 60cc Liposuction Cannula Kit, this is the perfect starter set for physicians who prefer the contouring capabilities and ease of use of liposuction and fat injection with Toomey Syringes.

  • Small Cannula Set

    Goldfarb Fat Injection Set – Small


    Dr. Richard Goldfarb’s recommended Small Volume Fat Injection Package includes everything below: Standard Infiltration 1.4mm.17cm Swallow 2mm.15cm Facial Injection Curved 1.4mm.5cm Facial Injection Curved 1.4mm.9cm Angled Hand Injection Cannula 1.4mm.10cm Straight Type 1 Injection 1.4mm.10cm Luer Lock Handle All cannulas are on a standard luer lock and can be attached directly to standard luer lock…

  • Goldfarb Cannula

    Goldfarb Fat Injection Set – Large


    Dr. Richard Goldfarb’s recommended Large Volume Fat Injection Package includes everything below.

  • Sale! Facial Injection Cannula

    Fat Injection Starter Kit


    Inspired Surgical’s Fat Injection Kit includes everything required for the harvesting and reinjection of fat. This package is perfect for small or large volume procedures and is the most complete kit available.