Founded in 2001, Inspired Surgical Supplies is the premier provider for liposuction cannulas, compression garments, surgical supplies and equipment for Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, OBGYN’s and other providers. Trusted by thousands of providers, Inspired Surgical can handle everything you need for cosmetic surgeries. Many of our products are applicable not only to cosmetic procedures, but also to healing. We cherish our reputation as a company whose performance is matched by its commitment to integrity and to continuously improve surgeon and patient outcomes.

We provide first-rate service to our customers, giving them excellent products with knowledgeable information when needed. As new procedures and products evolve with cosmetic procedures, Inspired Surgical works with physicians to ensure products evolve as well.

Inspired Surgical’s products for cosmetic professionals include high quality liposuction cannulas, compression garments, equipment and surgical supplies. We offer a diverse line of liposuction cannulas with 33 tip styles and 7 handle styles to choose from, we also provide a full line of fat injection cannulas. In addition to our regular stock, we can also customize a cannula, making it to your specifications.

Revive Compression Garments are the cost effective solution for doctors wishing to improve the recovery results of their liposuction procedures. Our surgical garments offer the ideal compression aid in recovery while still providing comfort for the patient.

Inspired Surgical understands the urgency involved with planning procedures and reducing the operative costs associated with each medical procedure. Please review our products and if there is anything else we can assist you with, call us at (866) 231-3264.

In September of 2015 Miller Medical changed its name to Inspired Surgical Supplies.