Future of Regenerative Medicine

Creska: The Future of Regenerative Medicine and Skin Repair

Creska is a readily available live Cellular Allograft comprised of young human cellular factors and proteins, eliminating the need for an individual to have liposuction. The youthful nature of Creska’s cellular elements makes it an ideal companion for PRP applications with FDA-approved devices in areas with natural skin and fat, ensuring that all uses are homologous.

What is Creska? Sourced using vibrational liposuction technology from meticulously screened donors, Creska™ is designed for topical and subcutaneous injection in areas where skin and fat naturally reside. It boasts a rich concentration of active, unadulterated human-derived cellular factors and proteins.

Manufactured in the U.S. by an FDA-registered laboratory, Creska™ is also a part of various FDA-sanctioned clinical trials in the regenerative medicine realm.

General Application Guidelines Creska™ is suitable for regions with natural skin and fat and can be either subcutaneously injected or applied topically. It is highly effective when paired with established PRP methods. Founded on the idea of introducing younger cells and proteins to older populations, when combined with natural signaling from platelet-derived growth factors, Creska™ aims to boost regeneration. As a cost-effective, ready-to-use product, it’s recommended for many PRP applicants.

How does Creska™ Function? Originating from dermal adipose tissue, which is essentially skin, Creska acts as a homologous live Cellular Allograft, performing naturally within the skin. Its role is to support the repair, replacement, and enhancement of damaged or aging skin tissue. Comprising components like collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, proteins, nano particles, extracellular communication methods, and human-derived cellular factors, Creska™ mends tissue imperfections wherever needed.

When paired with PRP or other autologous treatments, Creska™ collaborates with a person’s innate cell signaling and Platelet Derived Growth Factors, offering added cushion and support for tissues. It aids in lipid energy storage, dermal structure reinforcement, cosmetic skin defect repair, healing superficial skin injuries, and supplementing skin’s structural components, like filling skin voids and aiding hair follicles.

Creska™ represents a groundbreaking advancement in regenerative medicine, offering a solution that taps into the vitality of youthful cellular elements to rejuvenate and repair the skin. Harness the transformative power of this innovative product for optimal skin health and restoration. Don’t wait – elevate your skin care regimen with Creska™ today!

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