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  • Abbot 2000 Suction Liner

    Abbott Liner 2000ml


    Suction Liners for 2000ml Abbott Canisters. Flexible plastic liners with non pour spout. For use with Abbott 2000ml Canister (SUP-1120). Price per each piece. Product ships same day if ordered 2pm PST.

  • Abbott Suction Canister

    Abbott Canister 2000ml


    Abbott Suction Canister 2000ml. Used for fat collection for liposuction aspirators. Hard exterior, plastic to be used with disposable liners. Product ships same day if ordered 2pm PST.

  • Eze Vac Disposable Canisters 3000

    EZ Vac Disposable Canisters


    EZE-VACĀ® suction canister system is an all-in-one disposable solution. Features: Anti-static guard and does not require a secondary waste liner Locking lid includes an anti-foaming emulsion Enhanced safety feature is designed to reduce contaminant exposure Patient and suction ports are clearly identified and come with pre-attached elbows to simplify set up. Unique lid design connects…

  • Glass Fat Collection Bottle


    The Pelosi Fat Collection Bottle is available in 1000 cc or 1800 cc

  • Serres 3000 ml Suction Bags


      Automatic closing, not affected by sudden movements like in other mechanical overflow systems. Serres Suction bags are extremely easy to use, lightweight and durable. We have designed the suction bags to support hygienic workflow in hospitals from setup to disposal phase. The same bag can be used in different types of procedures, resulting in…