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  • Goldfarb Cannula

    Goldfarb Fat Injection Set – Large


    Dr. Richard Goldfarb’s recommended Large Volume Fat Injection Package includes everything below.

  • Cannulas

    Dr. Orton Cannula Set


    Doctor Orton prefers the Two Piece Quick Screw Cannula Set without Sump.

  • Sale! Facial Injection Cannula

    Fat Injection Starter Kit

    Original price was: $2,500.00.Current price is: $2,200.00.

    Inspired Surgical’s Fat Injection Kit includes everything required for the harvesting and reinjection of fat. This package is perfect for small or large volume procedures and is the most complete kit available.

  • Cannulas

    Dr. Richard Goldfarb Cannula Set


    Dr. Goldfarb’s Starter set contains: Swallow 12G.25cm Swallow 14G.15cm Blugerman I Sharp 4mm.25cm Blugerman I Smooth 4mm.25cm Grater Round Smooth 4mm.25cm Grater Round Smooth 3mm. 24cm Grater Round Smooth 3mm. 10cm Becker Flat 3mm.24cm Delrin ¾” Composite Handle (2) Standard Infiltration 17G.27cm Standard Infiltration 17G.17cm Standard Infiltration 18G.13cm   Injection Cannula Ordering Guide Infiltration Cannula…