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TextGuard Flagship TextGuard&business; company offers a full alternative for the monitoring, record and preserving of SMS communications, Rim Messenger and Blackberry pinto-FLAG messages sent from company mobile devices. All-text communications archived in a format that’s easily accessible, permitting firms to match mandates from all pertinent regulatory bodies and to ascertain substantial central submission procedures regarding mobile phones, obtained, and are discovered. TextGuard currently facilitates Blackberry, Windows Mobile and operating systems that are Android. TextGuard features include: Extensive capture & preserving of SMS, PIN to BBM and GREEN messages Encryption Search and access Policy management Smart Storage Manager User friendly Functions-based web-user program Reporting Research Provided like a SaaS solution TextGuard has strong search, preserving and tracking abilities. First and foremost, companies can set their particular intelligent flagging of messages for supervisory and submission review based upon / or senders and information information. Other web-based is also provided by the answer configurable policy enforcement workflow methods for annotating and researching interactions. Your advanced search features enables fast and successful retrieval of messages. With all the TextGuard submission management console that is mobile, managers of business IT divisions have quick web based administrative console for your end-users of cellular devices which provides a single point-of reporting for every single unit that is mobile. This console offers real-time information creation and utilization reports graphs. In addition, TextGuard supports ad-hoc reporting supplied on-demand, or slated to document stocks, or mail, ftp.

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TextGuard Features Meaning Catch and Immediate Archival All cellular message on corporation-issued or reimbursed Smartphones (Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android), Blackberry pinto-GREEN, and Rim Messenger messages are archived within an unwriteable, unerasable structure, ensuring that no concept tampering is achievable; gives usage of file backup capabilities (calendar, acquaintances, etc.) to make sure data retrieval should a mobile gadget become sedentary, misplaced or stolen. Communication Encryption Offers the highest available security-level to remove the possibility of the security violation and it is in keeping with all-electronic messaging compliance restrictions. Communication Bond Restore Enables users to recreate conversations threads between customers in chronological order (occasion and date stamped). Search Advanced search capabilities (keyword, expression, time, internal/external, flagged, open, closed, evaluated, etc)enables quick and successful retrieval of messages.Immediately creates review log files and records all research/query action by the administrator.Results might be exported to multiple document kinds instantly or schedules.Filter documents on several ranges: internal, external, keyword, flagged, open, closed, etc Check & amp; Attentive Features Hole words or distinct keywords as a way to directly not check low workers, establish moral surfaces between departments. Aware of modifications to amp & a portable date configurations to notify on archived messages of errors of time/time stamp. Review Logs All store entry is drenched to meet and also to ensure integrity of info e-discovery authorized needs; all records found and in the case of legitimate breakthrough or an audit, the director records any accessibility. You can be given by the discovery supervisor: An audit trail of any measures taken during an investigation. Free search for access that is easier document. Capability to save documents when it comes to a study.

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When files were accessedduring an investigation halt history deletion. Communication Submission All mobile messaging done by your employees is not 100% insecure and guaranteed to be in conformity with SEC rules restrictions. FINRA guidelines & restrictions, National Rules of Civil Procedure (for eDiscovery), Sarbanes-Oxley Act. NI 31-103 (Canada), FSA policies & restrictions (UK), and MiFID (EC). Extensive Reporting Produces automated reviews to detail any flagged messages, unmapped gadgets or consumer background as outlined by the organization coverage; IT directors may also modify #8212 & their particular accounts; Reporting is guidelines entirely customizable and configurable. Message storage Information archiving could be kept with, offsite or onsite capability to produce mirrored storage and web access for authorized personnel. System administration Method is actively checked from archival degree down to personal user. Entry to record files on all levels of the machine for approved users. To find out more about the TextGuard&deal; preserving option and information capture, just click here to download our Product Brochure.

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Deployment Options TextGuard Consumer Edition the typical TextGuard Consumer Model support starts using the download of a lightweight, client software program towards the product that is mobile. It quickly registers the unit on the TextGuard engine host, when the software is installed. Whenever a message is mailed from (or obtained by) the unit, the client makes a duplicate of the concept and delivers the message to the TextGuard archiver where it is secured and kept. The program facilitates all textmessage sorts that are active and generates audit log files instantly. Within the customer answer, sometimes the installation approach can be managed by the IT division to the system, or even the customer application might be pushed to employees with an embedded website which workers select to obtain the application form. Which workers have accomplished the download and which have not, IT administrators are alerted as to within this situation. IT administrators are also notified in the case that personnel try to take away the application from their gadget. TextGuard Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Version Companies that mostly utilize the Rim system for their employees cell communications and also have or control-a Rim business machine may take benefit of theTextGuard Rim Enterprise Server release.

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Within this remedy, the TextGuard program is mounted only one time; entirely on the enterprises Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). For archiving all communications are then taken from the period and delivered to TextGuard concept archiver,. The TextGuard Version allows for more easy provisioning of customers since no application must be installed on the gadget. In addition, the release is -resistant since only IT experts have access to the BES. Advantages of TextGuard BES Version: Developed specifically for the users of Rim smartphones as well as the side Blackberry Enterprise Machinee gadget to not be installed on by any application. Ease-of setting and installation. Software-As-A-Service Type TextGuard is presented over a software-as-a-service (SaaS) foundation, meaning that vision-vital knowledge is published in TextGuards state-of-the-craft data centers hence letting businesses in order to avoid substantial cash expenses for infrastructure build-out.

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The outsourcing style offers relief from a replacement timetable, staffing costs (and man-hours) and additional huge capital expenditure, and peace of mind in comprehending that, in the case of a catastrophe, mission-critical information will be available. Core capabilities can be refocused on by central IT employees in place of losing vitality and time on preserving-associated concerns like application, database administration and host maintenance. TextGuard support can be obtained 24×7, 365 days a year, from our proprietary application and services’ same designers. Incorporation into Active Alternatives TextGuard may be implemented within nights like a supplement or match to compliance alternative and your present preserving. Having its diverse and rising customer-base, TextGuard and a number of leading devices have incorporated. TextGuard and central solitary indicator also integrate -on functions.

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